Seismic Bracing Products and Services for all Non-Structural Building Utilities
VAICO is a leading earthquake engineering designer in New Zealand, specialising in seismic risk mitigation and bracing technology for all non-structural building systems, whether it be architectural, mechanical, electrical or plumbing utilities. Our landmark projects include seismic analysis and retrofit of buildings following the devastating 2011 earthquake in Christchurch. We bring the next generation of technology based risk mitigation solutions to government agencies, private industry and commercial companies.

Seismic Application Technology

Vaico is New Zealand’s leading provider of custom seismic engineering designs, bracing restraints products, retrofit engineering and Building code compliance services.

Streamlined Seismic Solutions

Vaico - Streamlined seismic solutions for the construction industry, building contractors, engineers, design professionals, building owners and more.

Seismic Building Retrofitting

Is your Building at risk? Seismic Building Retrofitting Made Easy! Vaico and ISAT retrofit services and education ensure existing facilities meet current code regulations.
Vaico’s Pallet Restraining System (PRS)
Vaico’s Pallet Restraining System, or PRS, is the only system that can easily be fitted to any existing pallet rack shelving size. It's the only restraint system that does not impede daily access to shelf stock which is a huge factor for warehouse productivity and efficiency.

The globally patented PRS system activates when seismic activity is detected and automatically deploys the seismic restraint drop bar on the rack. The Vaico Pallet Retraining System does not require on going daily operating expenses, this innovative system is a one-off cost effective pallet restraint system that mitigates risk to human life and inventory assets.