Seismic Bracing Services

With over 15,000 seismic bracing projects completed, ISAT has a tremendous amount of insight to assist with new or Retro-fit projects. VAICO with ISAT bring this experience to the New Zealand market now.

Seismic Consulting Services

As a seismic bracing consultant, ISAT and VAICO augments the project staff and brings to the table the experience of over 15,000 seismic bracing projects completed.

Seismic Projects Estimates

VAICO can help you determine if seismic bracing is required on your project, show you ways to reduce installation labour and provide you with a thorough seismic cost proposal.

Seismic Installation Review

While it is very important to write clear specifications, design in proper options and ensure the subcontractors carry a proper number in their bids, CODE compliance all comes down to inspection.

Building Retrofit

Our team of engineers, project managers, surveyors, detailers, inspectors and installation partners have been hard at work honing the skills needed to streamline the complications of seismic retrofitting on your project.

Seismic Specifications

A well-defined stand-alone specification section which states proper code reference information, a method to meet code and a rigid submittal process will ensure seismic bracing is addressed.

Custom Engineering

Upon a comprehensive review of the documents, design intent and specific building designs, we will provide many ways of value engineering, reducing the eventual cost of bracing requirements

Seismic CAD Modelling & BIM

The advent of BIM in the marketplace has a lot of subcontractors worried. But they shouldn’t be. They already have a trusted partner who can help. Let us be your BIM Services Team.

Seismic Design Seminars

Dealing with issues surrounding seismic bracing is a matter of education. We provide this base of knowledge in order to empower construction professionals to successfully meet seismic building code compliance on their next project.

Experience Matters - from design to operations

Our unmatched experience in the industry in New Zealand, including experience worldwide with ISAT, has allowed us to develop streamlined methods of achieving code compliance (NZS4219:2009) that translate to immediate project savings in design and labor for our customers. Our project resume and high customer return rates speaks volumes.